8"-12" 2 Bundles. 14"-22" 3 bundles. 24"-30" 4 bundles.
Yes, consult with a professional stylist for best results.
Up to 2 years plus with proper maintenance.
We highly recommend you consult with a professional stylist every two weeks. 1. TRESemme is recommended, Shampoo & Condition once a Week. 2. For best results, 1. Wet hair. 2. Add conditioner 3. Comb hair while conditioner is in with a wig brush/ tooth comb 4. Rinse with cold water 5. Comb again. 6. Let air dry. 3 Extensions can color, consult professional stylist 4. Body wave hair; At Night, use Flexi Rods to maintain Curls 5 Straight extensions; At night wrap hair with scarf 6 Deep Curly & Deep Wave extensions; two strand twist about 4-6 Twists. Always Use Silk Bonnet Remember hair should always be Clean for long lasting results
We recommend a Lace Closure or Lace Frontal to help protect your real hair from heat, products, & color damage.
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